“The Taste of a Word”

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Dear reader,
In order to make your reading more enjoyable you have two options how to read
„The Taste of a Word“.
If you already know, you want to read it on your iPhone/ iPad horizontally I prepared an e-Book
with Single pages.
If you wish to read it as an actual book on your iPad, MacBook I prepared an e-Book with
I wish you a wonderful and enjoyable reading session!
Feel free to get in touch with me after reading it, in case you wish to exchange your thoughts with
me or share your favorite poem.
I’m looking forward to reading from you.
N. K.



– „The Taste of a Word“
What makes this book or poetry-collection if you want unique, is that I dedicated it to educational
poetry only.
Most of us don’t like to sit down and study, learn by heart, yet we learn all the time, we are being
influenced and manipulated all the time.
While reading, when listening to podcasts, while watching TV, when debating in interesting
conversations, so why not learning while reading poetry?
What you can expect is a wide range of information subtly painted in different lights and colors.
Pages filled with thought- provoking poems and poetic texts will encourage you to think outside
of the box and to make you actively aware of present day society-topics.
Following you will find a little teaser for „The Taste of a Word.“
Two chosen poems, that will give your thoughts food and an insight of what to expect.
Let yourself go and enjoy.

Trust your brain and enjoy.
N. K.

Book Preview

„ A female body, as gracious as a Greek goddess is becoming one with the calm entourage
of her living room.
Patiently waiting for the sun to rise.
Her divine self is giving her new strength.
An inner power she didn’t ask for.
Like an amazon fighting a specific demon without wasting any energy.
Without using any words.
The warrior is choosing the most powerful weapon.
Proud is the female body lifting herself like Hercules leaving the Styx.
Looking down from the Olymp and fully aware of her biggest achievement.“

„Who are you?
Gucci. Fendi. Prada. Brands are covering your optics. Fancy shoes. Pricy clothes.
Spending hundreds of Euros make you feel untouchable, powerful, confident. Walking
down the streets you scan others judging them or showing affiliation based on if they wear
extravagant apparel like you do.
Who are you?
Your Portemonnaie is filled with credit cards and purple bills.
After your morning coffee you enjoy yourself some sparkling wine, sometimes even deep
brown cognac.
Depending on your mood, puffing your favorite cigar. At times taking lead in shallow
conversations, spreading the latest gossip.
Who are you?
Your social media profile is as unbelievable and made up as if you’re a catfish.
Your appearance is nothing but a cover up of your real self.
Afraid of the dark you never face a mirror, avoiding your own reflection.
Exorbitant cars allow you to catch attention and be the king cruising around the city.
Lots of girls please you for exchange of luxurious treats.
All you do is distract yourself from life, leaving you sitting alone and wondering:
Who am I?“


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