„STOP. – Feed your Mind“

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Dear reader,
In order to make your reading more enjoyable you have two options how to read
„Stop. Feed your Mind“.
If you already know, you want to read it on your iPhone/ iPad horizontally I prepared an e-Book
with Single pages.
If you wish to read it as an actual book on your iPad, MacBook I prepared an e-Book with
I wish you a wonderful and enjoyable reading session!
Feel free to get in touch with me after reading it, in case you wish to exchange your thoughts with
me or share your favorite poem.
I’m looking forward to reading from you.
N. K.



Poetry … Somehow along my writing process I figured out that reading can be healing, it can
push creativity, it can widen your horizon and it can teach.
And this is what this poetry collection is about. Uniting all the aspects of poetry my goal is to feed
your thoughts with different content.
Starting with satisfying your small appetite on the go with „shorties“ moving further to educational
psychological and creativity pushing poetry.
You will be diving into subjects such as life, love, death, time, which again can be widely put on
Following you will find a little teaser for „Stop.“
Two chosen poems, that will stimulate your brain and give you an insight of what to expect.


Book Preview

„Sunlight illuminating your room.
The colors of the leaves guiding you through your darkest fears.
Another deep breath. Heavy. Dark. Heavy yet light.
The taste of your lips. Sweet and soft.
A face. Your reflection. Smiling down from the mirror.
One tear. Salty but sweet. Running down your cheeks.
Sunlight cutting the air in your room.
The color of pain, the color of love.
THE color of passion running down your body.
Running down your neck.

„A simple word. Let’s say it ́s pride.
Selfish stupid. Some want to hide.
You say you’re special. We take a ride.
Is all that real? Am I your bride?
I know, you know. You will provide.
Will I be happy? Not inside.
A simple word. Did you switch side?
I beg and pray, but God denied.
Yes, selfish, stupid. I did have tried.
Now and forever. My hands are tied.“


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