„Femmology- the Concept“ is a discovery of your on Self, it’s a journey leading to Full Self
Awareness and Self Acceptance with the ultimate goal to be confident and fearless in all areas of your life, especially as a dancer.

With „femmology the Concept“ I focus on female identifying dancers.
I create a needed Save Space for exploring Vulnerabiility, Sensuality, Confidence, Power,
Strength, Personality through Growth with a lot of Fun.
What means Save Space? A Space free of judgement.

Everyone has a different journey and one has to unterstand that.
NO Judgements, NO Competition, NO Shade.

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Do you feel FEMMOLOGIZED ?

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    How does training look like?

    – – Class Concept – –

    °° 3 hours of training °°

    A class – environment where expressing yourself creates magic and leads to all around growth.

    Attention: due to a pandemic situation, governmental restrictions and requirements oblige.

    I Part:

    75 min of foundation training in:

    * Waacking

    * Technique training (Jazz, Contemporary)

    * Heels

    * Hip Hop

    * Vogue

    We focus on each topic/style for 3 weeks and have at least one guest teacher in each block.

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    * One time free trial class

    * Single Class: 30€

    * 3 Class Pass: 85€

    * 6 Class Pass: 165€

    * 9 Class Pass: 240 €


    Single classes can be purchased through this website.

    If you’re interested in a package, please write so in your Registration form.



    Prices & Packages

    °° Attention: By accepting the Terms and Contitions you agree and accept,

    that your purchased tickets cannot be refunded, transferred to another party and

    that blocks are valid for the amount of classes happening back to back °°




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