“Highly personal, Natka writes with an open heart and makes for good, thoughtful read!”

Alexandra Wanderer

“N. K.’s poetry is modern. With great emotions she takes you in a world of melancholy, realness and a little sunshine. Every single time I read one of her poems I am curious on which journey it will take me this time, surely never disappointing. Authentic, real, from the heart. Highly recommended!!!!”

Rebekka Saurwein

„Natalia’s poetry is beautifully written and really touches you. Her choice of wordsreally makes you feel every line so deeply no matter if you can relate to it or not. Heartfelt written pieces that will have you thinking about what you’ve read for quite some time.Check out Natalia’s poetry if you don’t want to miss out on the good stuff!“

Zoje IberhysajEnglish Teacher