My goal

is to teach you and push you while experiencing fun and good times. Dance is about fulfillment and enjoying and as should be class.

You can find me teaching in several dance studios in Vienna.
From Arriola Tanzstudio, Primorama Tanzstudio, Motions to Vienna Dance Center.
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If your looking for Femmology- The concept:
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You’re interested in individual growth and want to book a private classes?
I offer one on one as well as private group classes.
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I offer introduction to dance (all styles) as well as technique/ style- related sessions for more advanced dancers.
I have had couples asking me to choreograph their „first dance“- meaning, if you wish to spice up your wedding dance, and perform in more than the „classical way“ I am happy to train you. Some students ask for choreography only, some want to learn to let go and simply „be able to move“, some want to dive into the subject of waacking, hip hop, vogue or build a foundation in different styles in order to become better dancers for choreography, or the stage. Since I have had been working on being a diverse dancer, my range of knowledge is wide as diverse are my „training“ methods to adapt to YOU as good as possible.

Don ́t hesitate to ask and get in touch with me.
If your request is out of my expertise I will be honest and give my best to recommend you to other dancers/ trainers.
– Group classes
– Private online classes
– Private 1 on 1 classes
– Group Online classes
– teaching via Video Tutorials.
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Femmology – The Concept

A concept I’ve been developing for some time now, a concept, that is constantly evolving.
A special kind of training: DESIGNED for YOU
A discovery of your own Self, a journey leading to full self awareness and self acceptance with the
ultimate goal to be confident and fearless in all areas of your life, especially as a dancer.
With „femmology the Concept“ I focus on female identifying dancers.
I create a needed Save Space for exploring Vulnerabiility, Sensuality, Confidence, Power,
Strength, Personality through Growth with a lot of Fun.
In order to grow as a dancer I created the concept based on different Dance Styles.
We have foundation training in Waacking, Vogue, Hiphop, Jazz and classical styles.
We have an experimental part: the „inner Discovery“ where we face personal challenges, step out
of the box, expand our mind and beliefs. The inner discovery is also the part of pure enjoyment
and getting comfortable in our own skin.
The last and third part of our training is the performative or commercial part:
We learn choreographies, to perform them in different ways, with tasks and new approaches.


Voguing is a dance style which has been developed in the Black, Latin and Gay Ballroom scene back in the 60 ́s – Harlem/ NYC – and has been evolving ever since. As a Club/ Underground dance it represents self expression and freedom and stands for the celebration of the oppressed, celebration of identity. Willy Ninja once said „voguing is the extension of throwing shade“- meaning instead of fighting you dance and whoever is better, more fabulous, more authentic, fierce is winning. It is about believing in yourself and showing it with attitude. Vogue stands for strength and to make it short:

Vogue allows you to be whoever you want to be!

One distinguishes between: Old way, New Way and Vogue femme.


Waacking originated in the 70 ́s in the Gay, Hispanic and Black Club scene in Los Angeles. Born in the Disco era its biggest inspiration is Hollywood of the 30 ́s, 40 ́s. In other terms: silent films, musical features, the grace of Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, comedy of Charlie Chaplin, art of Bruce Lee, creativity of Looney Tunes, Cartoons, King Kong and many more have given rise to the style. Soul Train gave Waacking a possibility to evolve and spread publicly even more. Starting off as „punking“- the expression from opression- it has become a funky and incredible danceform embodying storytelling through music.

Waacking is all about drama, class, elegance, being glamorous. You are the music and show your story with your body as if you are THE actor/ actress of a silent movie.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is actually one of the Elements ( next to Rap, MCing, DJing, and Graffiti) in the Hiphop Culture. As a dance style it started off from Breakin ́ in the Bronx NYC and evolved ever since. To understand where hiphop comes from you should be aware that „hip“ means cool and hop means „party“. One used to say „lets go to the hop“. In other terms: its a party dance.Nowadays when we talk about HipHop Dance we mainly mean Party aka Social Steps, New Jack swing, Hype known as „Old School“ danced to HipHop music (which again finds its origin in Rap and breakbeats. Note: the music has evolved as has the dance)In present times there is a huge range of hip hop styles which all can be categorized in Old school, Middle School and New School.


eCommercial means: what sells.Meaning Commercial is everything you can see in Music Videos, Youtube, on advertisements, basically almost everything you see on the TV and social media. The key word is „choreography“.A mix includeing lots of different dance styles making it interesting for the wide audience, understandable for everyone. Danced mainly to Pop Music, Commercial is not a style itself, but a way to make „studio classes“ fun, interesting, challenging.

Commercial classes give you the possibility to dream about being on stage with your favorite Music artist, dance in his/her video, or simply perform as if you are on stage.


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