Who is Nat-K

Awaken your passion and start today!

More than a dancer, more than a writer, more than a trainer, more than a model:
I strongly believe, that in order to be successful you have to take care of your body, mind and soul. If it comes to body I specialize in dance and fitness- which goes hand in hand with proper nutrition. If it comes to mind, we need to educate ourselves constantly- where reading comes in- we have to keep ourselves creative, which in my case is being covered through dance and modeling.
And the soul? With proper mentoring we will not only work on achieving your goals, we will do it while activating our consciousness and awareness. While working on your mindset you’ll learn how to acknowledge your achievements and become more successful.

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Explore. Expand. Push. Stay consistent. Day by day you’ll become better, stronger and most
importantly. You enjoy every step, because let’s be honest: It’s pure pleasure.


Think out of the box and allow me to stimulate your brain.


Mobility. Flexibility. Strength. Nutrition.
With optimal Training, you’ll prevent injuries, stay strong and ensure endurance.


The Concept will take you on a journey filled with growth. Expect foundation training.
Grow through challenging your beliefs.
Push yourself with performance training.